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Window Waver

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Window Waver

A fantastically rude car window sign!

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Are you a calm driver, who enjoys a gentle cruise down country roads, taking the scenic route at all times to take in the peaceful view? Or, ARE YOU STRESSED? Do you suffer from ROAD RAGE? Shouldn't you be warning people about your outrageous, mobile mood swings rather than bursting out in irrational rage? You could try warning unsuspecting road users of your ferocious temper with the Window Waver. This car window sign is a warning sign, reading 'DANGER of Road Rage.' Stick the car window sign on to your car window and the little stressed guy waves his head from side to side in time with the motion of your car.

Maybe the man on the car window sign can tear his hair out and you can leave yours alone? You wouldn't want to aggravate that receding hairline now, would you? If you'd like to buy a car window sign for someone who hasn't got road rage, there are 3 more window signs to choose from as well as the Road Rage car window sign.

There are 4 excellent car window signs to choose from:

1. 'Danger of Road Rage'
2. 'Baby on Board' with an image of a nappy-wearing, very cute baby
3. 'How's My Driving?!' with image of a swearing middle finger!
4. 'Aging Driver!' image of an elderly man behind a steering wheel

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