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Orbit Planet Clock

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Cool Clocks

From wall clocks to alarm clocks, these are some of the coolest clocks available. Shop our range of cool clocks now and add a focal point to your room.

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Clocks & Alarm Clocks from Novelty to Executive

Welcome to our excellent and, not to mention, diverse collection of clocks. We’ve got wall clocks, bedside clocks, digital alarm clocks, kids alarm clocks and even LED projector alarm clocks! Whoever you’re looking for, you’ll find something suitable in our collection of clocks.

Talking of alarm clocks, let me show you round our range of alarm clocks, from the sophisticated to the whacky clocks for kids. Starting with the sophisticated, the LED projector alarm clock (or projection alarm clock as some may call it) and the LED digital alarm clock are fantastic smart alarm clocks. These digital alarm clocks have a smart executive appearance: a black exterior with a choice of either red or blue LEDs to tell the time on the clock. The clear difference between the two alarm clocks is of course that the LED projector alarm clock projects the time onto the wall! It’s the ultimate clock gadget.

The alarm clocks for kids are the most fun alarm clocks around. Choose from the Dance Mat alarm clock (at a bargain price of £6.95), the Rocket alarm clock and the Helicopter alarm clock! These funky alarm clocks make excellent Christmas presents for girls and boys. Their quirkiness rests in how you stop the alarm clocks from buzz buzz buzzing once they’ve gone off: on the Dance Mat alarm clock you must do the finger dance on the dance mat squares as indicated by the flashing lights. On the rocket and helicopter alarm clocks you must replace the rocker or helicopter on its landing pad to stop the alarm from buzzing. An innovative alarm clock and a fun start to the day!

As for wall clocks we’ve a world of clocks for you to choose from. From novelty wall clocks, such as the Neon Rim Wall Clock that is a wall clock shaped like a car wheel with a light-up neon LED rim to the Elvis wall clock with dancing legs that sway back and forth like a pendulum. It’s clock o’clock! Quick, before you run out of time!