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Fathers Day Gifts & Fathers Day Presents from The Discovery Store

Dads everywhere display certain traits, unique traits that could only belong to a Father. They don’t all posses the same traits, but traits none the less they all have, and here at The Discovery Store we aim to offer a Fathers Day Gift selection that caters for all, or at least a whole lot of, Dads everywhere. If you’re stuck for Fathers Day Ideas this year then some of our top picks include: • Rock Amp iPhone Speaker & MP3 Speaker for all those rocking music dads. • Counting Coin Jar for the Dad whose always telling you to save! • Sock Exchange Oddsocks ... well lets face it, they never manage to keep them in pairs anyway. • RC Helicopter Syma S111G if he fancies himself a pilot. And these are just few of the Fathers Day Presents you can spoil your dad with this year, a reward shall we say, for all his hard work over the last 12 months. A thank you for all those sensible ‘rules’ he’s reminded us of like ‘My house, my rules' and 'I'm not made of money' as well as 'When you buy your own telly, you can choose what to watch' and the unforgettable 'You're not going out dressed like THAT'... well maybe thank you is the wrong word but we’re sure he deserves it for something. Next Day Delivery on Fathers Day Gift Ideas Don’t forget we can offer Next Day delivery on all your Fathers Day Gifts when you order before 3pm, all you have to do is select the Next Day delivery option when you check out. So in honour of Dads everywhere make your Fathers Day Present one to remember this year and spoil him rotten on the big day. Enjoy!

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Gyro Ball - Power Ball Madness

Date: 21.02.2011

Whether you're a gyroball fanatic or you want to know what a gyroball or power ball is, stay here! A gyroball is an incredibly sophisticated instrument, designed to gently condition and strengthen the wrist, hand and arm. A gyroball is a gadget, a game and a useful tool all wrapped up in one, neat little package. There's quite a technique to using the gyro ball, so it’s worth putting in some practice time to really master it. You’ll be hooked in no time. To get started with the Gyroball , wind up the thread and pull it out briskly to start the inner ball rolling. Powerballs & gyroballs are made up of a ball within a ball you see. Then you must use your skill to keep the inner ball of the gyroball moving at the fastest speed possible by rotating your wrist appropriately. The Ball-within-a-ball structure of the gyro ball will create an immense gyroscopic force which is what makes the gyroball such a great work-out for the player. There is already a growing community of people online who are using and celebrating gyroballs, so log on to find out more. Using the gyroball is an excellent wrist and arm-strengthening exercise and, because it’s so gentle, it’s an ideal tool for anyone wanting to improve their strength, regardless of their current ability. Using the gyroball can also be rather therapeutic, so it’s a great thing to have sitting on your desk at the office just in case you need something soothing to de-stress with! Ready to Buy a Gyroball

A Comprehensive Guide to Remote Control Helicopters

There are plenty of people in the world who fly RC Helicopters regularly. Remote Control Helicopters constitute a major hobby for some people. But for those of us who are new to this awesome hobby and for people who want to buy remote controlled helicopters as Christmas gifts for family & friends, they may need a little help. So being the helpful souls that we are, we've put together the most comprehensive guide to choosing the right RC Heli ! This most excellent RC Helicopter guide is brand new and exclusive to The Discovery Store because we love radio control helicopters more than anyone else! So, we've got 3 brand new remote control helicopters to add to our remote control range: the RC Helicopter - Air Discovery , RC Helicopter - Air Aviator & RC Helicopter - Air Cheetah . What is so special, unique and downright technically advanced about these new RC helicopters is that they are made of super strong, durable and light weight metal: a fantastic development on previous Remote Control helicopter materials. But that is not all. These 3 RC helicopters also have built in gyros. Why would remote control helicopters need a gyro I ask you? Well a remote control helicopter with a gyro is a seriously improved remote control machine. Well, the Gyro gives your RC Heli increased stability and control, to help you avoid those nasty accidents. For an older child, we recommend a middle range, 3 channel RC helicopter with a difficulty rating of 3/5, such as the RC Helicopter - Air Tiger . Of the metal helicopters, the RC helicopter - Air Cheetah is the easiest to fly. Once you've mastered flying an RC helicopter within your range and ability, you'll feel confident to advance your remote control helicopter flying skills to an upgraded model. Well I hope I've been helpful, but that's enough of me yabbering on. Take a peek at our comprehensive guide to remote control helicopters, which you can find on any of the helicopters product pages, and if you have any further questions, don't hesitate to email The Discovery Store and our remote controlled helicopter expert will get back to you as soon as possible. Happy Flying!

Helicopter guide

Current Range

Name RRP £ Difficulty Material Gyro Size Features Channels Age Batteries
Air D. Swift/Lama 49.95 4/5 Plastic No Large  High difficulty, 3 channel heli. 3 14+  3 x AA
Air Arrow 29.95 3/5 Plastic No Med.  Great first 3 channel model. 3 8+
Air Attack 29.95 3/5 Plastic No Med.  Desert camo, 3 channel heli. 3 8+  6 x AA
Air Tiger 29.95 3/5 Plastic No Med.  Great 3 ch. model, 3 colours 3 10+  6 x AA
Air Chinook 24.95 3/5 Plastic No Med.  Tandem rotor army model 3 8+  6 x AA
Air Apache 24.95  3/5 Plastic No Med.  AH64 Apache gunship model 3 8+  6 x AA
Air Wolf 24.95 3/5 Plastic No Med.  Lithium battery 3 8+
Air Cub 19.95 2/5 Polystyrene No Small  2 channel, great for kids 2 8+  6 x AA
Air Sbego 19.95 2/5 Polystyrene No Small  2 channel, great for kids 2 8+  6 x AA

New Models

Name RRP £ Difficulty Material Gyro Size Features Channels Age Batteries
Air Discovery  49.95 4/5 Metal Yes Large Large 3 channel metal heli 3 14+
Air Hawk 44.95 5/5 Metal Yes Med. 4 ch, high difficulty rating  4 14+
Air Cheetah 35.95 3/5 Metal Yes Med.  Awesome 3 channel model 3 8+  6 x AA
Air Galaxy (UFO) 19.95 2/5 Polystyrene No Small  UFO style aircraft 2 6+

Stocking Fillers to Fill you with Christmas Cheer!

Christmas will soon be a-knocking at our holly wreathed doors. Once more they'll be stockings on the wall, food in our jolly bellies & Christmas presents under the tree.

At The Discovery Store, we've worked hard to ensure that there's an immense & beauteous collection of stocking fillers for you to choose from, like the fabulous Head Massager . Christmas stocking fillers can be hard to think up year after year, but this won't be the case anymore. We're hear to help you find affordable Christmas presents for men, women, boys & girls.

Browse through this diverse collection of stocking fillers and you're bound to find a plethora of Christmas gifts for your whole family (and without breaking the bank too), including our Hamster in a ball . The Discovery Store always offers a selection of unique Christmas gifts as well as old favourites so, what are you waiting for? Get excited about Christmas! The snow shall be a-fallin' soon and the stocking fillers shall be wrapped and deposited. The Christmas gifts shall be awaiting excited children and the adults shall be... well...perhaps a little merry.

Alternatives to sparklers for Bonfire Night

Here at The Discovery Store, we've thought long and hard about the joys of Bonfire Night and how to best make those joys a little bit safer! We know how much kids love sparklers and fireworks on bonfire night, but we understand the FEAR experienced by parents when small children are holding said sparklers. Which is why, we bring to you... Sparkler Alternatives! To make this bonfire night stress free for you.

Our fantastic Bonfire Night sparkler alernatives can replace indoor sparklers, outdoor sparklers and indeed safety sparklers! Instead of short-lived sparklers, we recommend the following...

The Light Stick. The light stick is a fantastic light toy, although it looks like a simple foam stick! Until you switch it on that is and it flashes through a rainbow a bright colours in a range of 6 different styles or modes. The Light Stick is a bit like those glow sticks so many are fond of, but much, MUCH better.

The Light Show. The light show is a wand-like creation and a light toy. Switch it on and watch it spin around at great speed, creating a beautiful show of lights. It's like a miniature (and much longer-lasting) firework!

The Whirly Catherine Wheel. The Whirly Catherine Wheel is the Catherine Wheel that you control (and it's not a crazy firework, so don't worry!). Switch on the Whirly Catherine Wheel toy and move the wheel around the bars, enjoying the light display you create.

Who'd have thought? Safe Bonfire Night sparklers and fireworks from The Discovery Store!

Have a spook-tacular Halloween!

It's nearly Halloween and it's time to make sure we're all kitted out with Halloween costumes, Halloween party accessories & all the tricks or treats that you'll be needing for a spook-tacular Halloween!

The Discovery Store is the perfect place to shop to buy all of your Halloween tricks, treats and Halloween party accessories, so get browsing!

We've got Halloween tricks, pranks and jokes, from fake parking tickets to electric shock lighters. There are laser pens, sling shots, spy glasses and more! What will your Halloween costume be? Whatever it is, the perfect Halloween accessories can be found here.

If it's creepy Halloween party accessories that you're looking for, then look no further. There are Halloween goblets galore, as well as funky, gruesome lights and lamps. Why not try a trick or treat sweet challenge for this years Halloween visitors to your door with the Candy Grabber? You are in the right place for a shockingly creepy Halloween!

Oktoberfest is HERE!

It's October already. It comes as a shock to you all, I'm sure. The rain, the winter coats & the increased need for a hot cup of tea all appear as unwelcome surprises as August sinks away, a distant memory...

Well, why not approach October German-style? Throw your raincoat aside, stride boldly to the airport and indulge in the delights of Oktoberfest: the German festival dedicated solely to beer!

If you haven't got the time or money to get yourself to Germany in time, scribble it on the calender for next year and let us help you re-enact the fun at home. If real ale is your thing, why not get involved with the Yard of Ale Glass? The Yard of Ale Glass is just that: it's a glass for beer that's a yard long! A bit excessive you may think, but hey, we all fully support sensible & moderate drinking at Discovery Online Ltd. and we're sure you do too.

The Yard of Ale Glass is also available as a Half Yard of Ale Glass, but come on, we're trying to keep up with the Germans Oktoberfest style right now and they drink beer by the litre. They don't mess around with pints. If you do prefer your pint of beer to be drunk in a more traditional pint glass, why not have a look at our Big Drink Pint Glass. This sensational beer glass is a a giant pint glass so instead the usual pint, you can get a whole 2 and a half pints in there!

If beer isn't your thing but you're getting involved with the Oktoberfest vibes, why not try a Big Drink Wine Glass. You can fit a whole bottle in there!

Whatever you're into, get into Oktoberfest and brighten up this year's October with some giant beer glasses.

Happy Celebrating!


The Discovery Online Team

Welcome to Our Brand New Website!

Discover a world of gifts, gadgets, games & toys with Discovery Online Ltd.

When you start searching our new website, you'll feel like a pirate in a treasure chest; a child in a candy store; a bull in a china shop. Erm, does that work?

No matter how much you love or hate Christmas shopping and regardless of who you're finding Christmas presents for, we'll ease your shopping pain with our easy to navigate website jam-packed with gifts for boys & girls of any age. Whether you want to find something special for granny or a prank to play on your older brother (you should meet mine, eek!), we promise to help you out.

The easiest place to start is the Gifts department. Just click on the tab marked "Gifts", decide on whether you want to look at gifts for girls, gifts for boys, gifts for men, or gifts for women and click on the corresponding department located in the drop-down. If you're feeling inspired or you know what you're looking for, choose from the other departments. We've got Gadgets, Games, Toys, Remote Control, BB & Paintballing, Home & X-Rated (ooh-er). Within those departments you'll find lots of logically-titled categories to help you narrow your search and find the perfect gift. Or the perfect treat for yourself, I might add.

If you've long been a fan of The Discovery Store, you may be interested to learn that we have some brand new stuff coming out this year. Have a look at the "Gifts for Girls" and you'll find lots of never-before-seen luxuries to spoil your daughters, wives and girlfriends with. Also brand new this year is our well-being and home range. We've got everything from relaxing lighting to hand-held massagers. Click on the "Home" tab and take a look at lighting, health at home, party accessories, glassware, kitchenware, bed & bathroom and more. There's no reason not to indulge in some home comforts this winter!

Well that's enough of me for now. I hope you enjoy browsing our brand new site and discover lots of new gadgets & gizmos to keep you entertained through the dreary winter months. Do keep in touch by joining our mailing list to find out first about any new gadgets and promotions.

Happy Christmas Shopping!


The Discovery Online Team