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Father's Day Gifts and Ideas

Sometimes a card just isn't enough, and Father's Day is one of those times. A time to book up your father day gift ideas and show your old man just how much he means to you. We are here to help with an impressive range of presents for fathers day that are just waiting for your perusal. Don't do the obvious and head straight for the cravat shop and whatever you do, don't present your dad with a typical ‘Best Dad Ever' mug which will become damaged as soon as it sees the dishwasher! Make this Father's Day a special occasion with our fathers day present ideas . It has never been easier to shop for good fathers day gifts ! Our father day gifts are tried and tested so that you're presented with only the best fathers day gifts. Our killer selection of funny fathers day gifts to practical father day presents will cater for every type of Dadio on the market. What are you waiting for?

We have father day gifts for workaholics, sportaholics, gadget-grabbers, the devoted drinkers, the Jamie Oliver wannabes and more! For the chef in him, you might consider the Silicone Guitar Spatula or the Guitar Cheese Grater so that he can combine the rock ‘n' roll from the ‘good old days' that you hear so much about, with his love for cooking! If you have a DIY dad on your hands, then we have plenty of fathers day presents ideas for them too, the Tech-Tool Pen is one of our favourites, or ‘the modern day toolbox,' as we like to call it. Complete with six different functions, this nifty little gadget allows nothing but perfection and precision when on the job and will make a great father day gift for the ultimate handy man.

Check out our ideas for fathers day and don't disappoint your number one man! Explore our range of fathers day gift ideas that caters for every age, type, taste and budget. Shop our Fathers Day Gifts department here !

WARNING! Mother's Day is coming soon! Are you ready for it?

Mother's Day is the day full of opportunities to show your mum just how grateful you are for all the things she does for you. Although Father's Day is just as important, it's not quite their turn yet, it's all about the mums this March. So treating your mother should be on the top of your priority list this month. Are you prepared with a great mothers day gift? If you're stuck for mothers day ideas then we may just be able to help you with that. We understand the importance of Mother's Day and how hard it can be to find suitable mothers day presents . So, instead of aimlessly roaming the high street, take a look on-line from the comfort of your living room sofa at our fresh batch of mothers day gift ideas to inspire you this Mothering Sunday.

You may have thought of treating your mum to a spa day this march, until you saw the waiting list that was and not to mention the extortionate price list! Well, we have some affordable alternatives for you, like the Inflatable Foot Spa Pack for example. Our foot spa is for home use and it lasts much longer than the 2-hour spa treatment that you were going to fork out a fortune for! Our Hot Stones Therapy kit may also hit the spot; it combines river stones and the power of aromatherapy for a soothing hot stone massage at home. Releasing toxins and harnessing the healing power of stones, our hot stone set may be just thing to relax your mum this mother's day. We also suggest our hand care and foot care sets as great mothers day gifts to give your mum the salon treatment she deserves.

Or how about dazzling your mother with some new accessories for her kitchen. We have the Russian Doll Measuring Cups for avid bakers, our Insulated Thermos Coffee & Teapot for tea and coffee-lovers and the OCD Chef Cutting Board for that obsessive compulsive side to her. And speaking of OCD, our spotty brush collection, containing a Spotty Long Handled Dustpan & Brush , a Spotty Dish Brush and a Spotty Dustpan and Brush , has proved extremely popular amongst the mums and it'll keep the house looking its best at all times.

Our LoveLibbyX range offers some truly elegant and unique options for Mother's Day this year. Each piece in our LoveLibbyX collection is crafted by hand from recycled cutlery to form some exquisite pieces of fine vintage jewellery . Your mum will love receiving a gift so personal. You'll really feel like you've achieved your goal this Mother's Day when you give her one of our delicate pieces of silver jewellery that is marked with innovation, artistry and individual design.

We really have saved you the stress and hassle by presenting you with everything you could possible need for a lovely day this Mother's Day. Enjoy!

University Essentials News Article 2013

We're so jealous of the students of 2013. Green with envy in fact. You lucky young fellows get to embark on what will be one of the most exciting eras of your life and it's all as a university student! But first things first, we have put together a university essentials list containing all the must haves for university students and stuff to take to university . Indeed, when you're sat at home thinking of things to take to university it can be difficult to envisage what you're going to need. Our university stuff contains all of the possibilities when it comes to essentials for university and everything in-between. So when you arrive, you can maximise your time meeting life-long friends and enjoying freshers week instead of making a mad dash to the shops because you forgot all your student essentials!

Are you worried about having the right student gadgets for your uni work? Well don't. We have all the stuff needed for university right here to ensure that you've got all the stuff for students you'll need as an aspiring young scholar. Tar Dah! Student home accessories may also be on the mind. As I'm sure you've heard student homes can be less than perfect. So we have some lovely student home accessories for you to transform your student pad. Our home stuff for university are student must haves when you're away from mum's home sweet home. You could also be after a good ole drinking game for freshers week , well we have a full department dedicated to those!

So to sum up, our university essentials department is pretty darn good. We have thought of just about everything when it comes to items needed for university and university must haves . So get off on the right foot and make sure you're fully equipped with our things to bring to university this year.

A final message for students of 2013… ENJOY!

Wave bye bye to those January Blues

January is always a difficult month, the excitement of Christmas is over and there are months before the weather will improve. It's always hard getting up in the dark and coming home from work in the dark all you seem to do is work, work, work. Sometimes all you need is a break from the norm… well we are strong believers here at The Discovery Store that a little bit of pampering and indulgence goes a long way to helping you get through the cold and miserable days. Wouldn't it be lovely to have something to look forward to coming home to? Well look no further we have some great ideas for Men and Women.

So let's get you ladies sorted first - we have lots of great pampering products to choose from in our Spa & Well Being department. Why not give those poor toes some love with a pair of our Warm Slippers or maybe it's your aching neck that needs the attention and we have just the solution for that with our Vibrohug Neck Massager . Take a look for yourself and we are sure you will find something that will help banish those winter blues. 

Now men, we know it's not pampering that you're after but instead it's indulging that inner Child that will brighten up your day… are we right? We thought so and so for you we have a huge range of gadgets , cool contraptions and remote control stuff for you to choose from. Is it a Table Football Game your after or maybe it's an RC Helicopter that will help you to while away the dark evenings and cold Saturday afternoons. Well we have got it all and more so take a look and see what takes your fancy.


Festive Chocolate Orange Brownies with a Kick

Christmas Brownie Recipe

Our gift to you..., well, yes we do realise that you have to make them yourself but believe us you will be glad that you did.

Brownies are great at any time, lets face it who doesn't love a soft gooey melt in the mouth brownie? These mouth watering delights are from a recipe developed in our very own kitchen where they are made regularly to celebrate birthdays in the office. We all love 'em and there is always a bit of a challenge for the last one, you know a bit like in the film Notting Hill with Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant, they go to his friends for dinner and there is a competition for the last brownie based on who has the best sob story.

Anyway, apologies for the distraction let get back to our brownies, they are a real chocolatey treat and a definite must have indulgence over the Christmas holidays, and to add to the festive spirit we have added some orange liqueur (ho ho, get the pun) to give them a bit of a kick.

7 tablespoons of Vegetable Oil
3 eggs
1 tablespoon of orange liqueur
Rind and juice of 1 orange
10 oz caster sugar
6oz plain flour
4 level teaspoons baking powder
3 oz cocoa
A pinch of salt
4 oz good quality cooking dark chocolate

Baking tray greased and lined with greaseproof paper
Gas mark 4 180 degrees centigrade 350 fahrenheit

Put the vegetable oil, eggs, orange liqueur, sugar, orange rind and orange juice into a bowl.
Prepare all the dry ingredients together into a second bowl. Break the chocolate into pieces.
Mix together the vegetable oil and wet ingredients. Sieve the dry ingredients into the mixture and whisk together.
Add the chocolate pieces and mix in. Pour the mixture into the prepared tray and place in the centre of a preheated oven to bake for 25 minutes.
The Brownie will still be soft in the middle and the surface will be cracked, don't worry this is exactly how it should be.
Remove from the oven and place the tray on a cooling rack, allow to cool before removing from the tray.
It will sink in the centre as it cools and it is this middle bit that is the gooeyest and the best, you know the bit we all fight over.

Unusual Cures for Christmas Hangovers

Recover from your Christmas party with these unusual remedies.

We all know how it goes don't we, someone suggests a quick drink down the pub after work, "just the one", you say "because I have to get home and wrap some presents and do some last minute shopping online".
And the truth is you really mean it's just that when you get the first one inside you you think, well another one won't hurt, the atmosphere in the pub is electric, the juke box is banging out some great tunes. Then before you know it it's closing time and your not standing up straight!

It's very likely that you will suffer with more than this one hangover this Christmas so to help you to get over the ordeal more quickly we bring you some of the more unusual hangover cures from around the world. Not to sure how many of them we would try...

1. Have a strong coffee with a pinch of salt.
This one could be tolerable we think.
2. Drink boiled cabbage water.
Errrrrrr, yuk.
3. Boil banana peel in water then drink the water.
Never tried this before, could be worth a go.
4. Drink a glass of cider vinegar mixed with honey.
Will have to pinch your nose to get this one down.
5. Rub your armpits with lemon and lime juice.
We believe this one originates from Puerto Rico. The cure is actually more of a prevention: a zesty half lemon is to be rubbed under one's 'drinking arm' before a night out.
6. Drink banana milkshake sweetened with honey.
Now this appeals to our sweet tooth!

What do you think? Will you give one of these a go?
Let us know if you do. Good luck :-)

Christmas Fun for Kids In the School Holidays - Pasta Decorations

Make Your Own Festive Christmas Tree Garland

It's always the same isn't it? That question you ask yourself every schools holiday. "How am I going to keep the kids entertained?" Especially in the Christmas break when you have so much else to do, what with shopping for Christmas presents, food shopping and getting the house ready for guests including Uncle Alf and Auntie Betty (who is always very critical about your housekeeping).

Well how about this - make pasta garlands to decorate the Christmas tree.

All you will need is: Pasta Tubes Red Ribbon (Narrow) Coloured Beads Paint if required Other bits and pieces, glitter sequins etc.

You can use the pasta as it comes au naturel, paint it in festive colours or to match the colour theme for your tree. We are sure that you will think of other ways to glam it up by adding glitter or sequins for that extra sparkle. Beads come in all shapes sizes and colours, you may even have an old necklace that you don't wear any more that you could use.

Simply start threading on the pasta and beads until your garland is the desired length, tie off the ends and there you have it, your very own hand made garland.

1. Make sure that that your ribbon is narrow enough to thread through the holes in the pasta tubes. You can sew a little thread onto the end of the ribbon and use the needle to thread your garland but obviously you have to be mindful of little ones fingers if they are using a needle.
2. Same applies to the beads, make sure the hole in the centre is big enough to thread the ribbon through.
3. If painting the pasta tubes cover the painting area with newspaper to protect work surfaces.

There's no place like Funky Home...

Home sweet home - or is it?

Perhaps your house is neither homely nor sweet? Perhaps it's desperately crying out for that renovation that you promised it years ago? Well don't worry; you don't need a credit card when it comes to spicing up your home this year! All you need is a few modern and kitsch home accessories that will transport any home into the 21st century with a few clicks of the mouse! How you ask? Well, The Discovery Store has put together a brand new and exciting department that is committed to bringing you only the best quirky homeware and contemporary home accessories all year round! Our dedicated Funky Home Accessories team search far and wide, high and low, to make sure, and doubly sure, that our Funky Home Accessories department is constantly supplied and updated with the latest and coolest kitsch and modern homeware ! So we insist that you make a happy home and a home happy by checking out our ever-expanding Funky Home Accessories department, because we've filled it with funky homeware and quirky home accessories that are just waiting for you!

Be inspired!

The Social Shower Curtain is this year's best-seller when it comes to bathroom accessories ! It's new, it's current and it's social! For those Facebook-lovers out there (and we know that they are in their plenty), this is a must-have funky home accessory for you! With this, you can stay social and stay fresh all at the same time! Don't let bathroom chores stop you from social networking and keep all your friends updated with ‘what's on your mind!'

The Tree Photo Frame is also a perfect contemporary homeware item! This funky framed-up accessory has five photo areas for you to place your favourite snaps on display in true funky style! This modern home accessory makes a pleasant edition to any room! It's perfect for photos of the family given the tree-like formation! We've also made sure that this quirky home accessory can suit any decor as we've stocked it in both white and black! Hurrah!

The Duck Bath Radio is a great quirky homeware edition! This little cutie will perch on your bathroom shelf and sing the sweet melodies of the charts and tell you all the latest news! This kitsch home accessory will brighten up any outdated or dull-looking bathroom! It can suit all of your bath time moods as you can choose between AM and FM frequencies by using the easy-to-use buttons on the ducks wings. To switch on the radio just twist the ducks head and it will begin quacking! For your information - no ducks were harmed in the making of the funky home accessory ! Phew!

So, you know someone who's turning 40?

We can help! 

The Discovery Store is your knight in shining armour when it comes to finding fabulous 40th birthday ideas . We have created an entire department and filled it with anything and everything you could think of to get that someone turning 40 and it's all at your very fingertips, awaiting your impatient perusal. So don't worry if you're struggling to think of good 40th birthday gift ideas . When turning 40 one can only think of one thing to do... drink, drink, drink! So, whether you're attending a 40th birthday bash, or want to provide some alcoholic comfort for those nearing their 4th decade, we have a brilliant range of drink-related 40th birthday presents for you to choose from.

For Him...
The Invert-a-Beer would make a deliciously delightful 40th birthday gift ! Surely he's bored of 20 years of drinking out of the same old pint glass! Well, with this you can quite literally turn matters on its head! This novelty 40th birthday present will take downing that pint to a new level - a perfect party pouring piece! Take a guzzle from the glass where the bottom is at the top and the top is at the bottom! So... bottoms up! Or if that's not enough (and quite literally,) then if you think they're man enough, the Giant 2.5 Pint Glass might be of interest to you! With a capacity of two and a half pints in one glass, surely it's impossible to down it in one? Right? And if you like this sound of that, then the Bombs Away - 4pc Set will also be ideal for the birthday boy! This funky container makes the famous Jager Bomb at its finest available in your very home! No longer will you have to endure the separated taste of the Jagermeister shot, and rather, you can enjoy the scrumptious mixture of both jager and red bull, and have bar-quality drinks anytime, anyplace!

For Her...
So, we're looking for something that can that can hold large quantities of wine for the ladies. Well that's easy - the Giant Wine Glass ! Prepare yourself girls; you'll be shocked and delighted when you receive this as your 40th birthday present . This cheeky (and not little) contraption holds an entire bottle of wine, yes, you heard right - one whole bottle! What lady turning 40 could ask for more on her birthday? With this, you'll waste no time filling up your drink and reaching for more wine. Whether you want to party hard into the early hours, or drown your sorrows, this will make the perfect 40th birthday present to suit all moods! Our Black Wine Glasses would make a more sophisticated 40th birthday gift for that special lady. This handsome set of 4 will make a truly elegant edition to the dining room table when hosting a diner party. A contemporary incorporation to that dull-looking kitchen ware! And for those cocktail-loving ladies, giving the ultimate Cocktail Shaker would be a glorious 40th birthday gift idea ! With the juicy ingredients of eight scrumptious cocktails encompassing its mirror-finish exterior, that special lady can enjoy everything from sex and the city style cosmos to spicy Cajun martinis! Yum!

For more great 40th birthday ideas visit our 40th Birthday Presents department!

WARNING: the 50th birthday is fast approaching!

Don't worry, we know what we are doing! 

When it comes to thinking of 50th birthday gift ideas , one normally finds oneself scratching ones head in bemusement. Well you can stop that right away with The Discovery Store's spectacular selection of 50th birthday gifts at your very fingertips! Explore our ever-expanding department dedicated solely to presenting to you only the best 50th birthday ideas out there!


Keep calm and get relaxed! You've endured 49 years as an earthling it's time for a break! Don't you think? We've got a selection of soothing home remedies that will make perfect 50th birthday presents . Why not try the Vibrohug Neck Massager to give that special someone their well-deserved down time. This best seller fits comfortably around any neck size and provides firm yet gentle vibrations so that any buried stress is lifted swiftly away, leaving you feeling fresh, relaxed and reborn! If those vibrations sounds like a great 50th birthday gift , then you might also try the Vibrating Head Massager . With this, you can cancel that Indian head massage appointment that was going to cost you an arm and a leg! With ten professionally trained fingers, this crafty contraption is designed wholly to relive stress and rejuvenate its clients - the perfect 50th birthday gift ! Our vibrating products make the best 50th birthday presents , ones which you're sure to be thanked for! And if that wasn't enough, our Warmies Slippers selection will offer that relaxation that's deserved! Just pop these luscious-looking slippers into the microwave and heat until the desired temperature is reached. Then, slip them onto your feet and enjoy the warmth against those hard-worked feet! After a hard day's work it's the perfect 50th birthday gift , allowing that special someone to kick their feet up and be lulled into complete and utter relaxation!

So you might have missed out on the technology age. But don't be hasty there's time yet! We have stocked some easy-to-use electronic games for those slightly older ones! The Electronic Brain Trainer Game would make a perfect 50th birthday gift to keep ones brain in working order! Also, for those Sudoku-lovers out there, we have combined the ancient number challenge with the 21st century to create the Touch Screen Sudoku Game ! This will please anyone as a 50th birthday present ! There will no longer be a need to wait for your daily fix from the local newspaper, you'll be able to play anywhere you want and keep up with new technologies - a great 50th birthday gift idea !

Massive New Discount on the Aquapod Bottle Launcher!

Have you heard the news?

The Aquapod Bottle Launcher was £24.95 but NOW IT'S £19.95!

Prepare for take-off with the Aquapod Bottle Launcher - the ultimate bottle launcher! Finished with that coke bottle? Not enough room in the recycling bin? We have another fun way that you can recycle that bottle! Oh yes my friends, there is a whole world of fun to be had with just an empty 2litre bottle, a bicycle pump, some elbow grease and the Aquapod Bottle Launcher !

Want to learn more?

Listen up...

Aquapod Bottle Launcher fires any 2litre bottle (coke/fanta/sprite etc) as high as 100ft into the air! You have to see it to believe it! The Aquapod Bottle Launcher is what all the astronauts are talking about! It's the latest addition to space and science technology but you don't need to be an astronaut to operate this crafty device, it's easy to assemble and even easier to use! Just follow the step-by-step instructions to assemble the launch pad, and then take a 2litre bottle of any kind and fill it about a third of the way up with water and attach it to the launch pad as instructed. Then grab a bicycle pump and attach it to the Aquapod Bottle Launcher as and where instructed and use those muscles to pump it up and build up the pressure! As soon as it reaches the optimum pressure of 60 psi (the Aquapod Bottle Launcher will not exceed this pressure due to an in built safety mechanism - safety first), the Aquapod Bottle Launcher is geared up and ready to go go go! So, quickly run with utter anticipation and excitement to a safe distance of 15ft away from the Aquapod Bottle Launcher , commence with the countdown...3...2...1...tug on the lanyard rip cord and...LIFT OFF!

Don't believe it? Check out this video & you'll be in amazement and ore like us!


Get your very own Aquapod Bottle Launcher for one of the cheapest values on the market of just £19.95! OOOSH!

We have important news for anyone searching for 21st birthday presents!

We have everything needed to bring a smile to their face. 

Whether you're searching for a thoughtful 21st birthday gift or a quirky/novelty 21st birthday present , then our department, dedicated to solely to giving you great 21st birthday ideas , is sure to be the solution to all your worries! Turning 21 is huge; it is arguably the greatest milestone. A 21st birthday resembles a monumental change in that person's life where adulthood begins and childhood ends. So, it's crucial that when selecting the 21st birthday present , you choose wisely and you receive the correct guidance when doing so. The Discovery Store is perfect for this! We also understand that times are hard, so, we've made sure that everything in our 21st birthday presents department comes with a perfectly affordable price tag, so when it comes to choosing a 21st birthday gift you won't need that credit card!

Is it about time they're moving into their own digs?

Why not get them a 21st birthday present that will fit right into their new home. For the girls, our selection of jewellery stands could be the perfect 21st birthday gift . To store and display all of her new 21st trinkets, the Hand Jewellery Stand is ideal. It will make a lovely addition to any room, serving as both a practical and aesthetically pleasing 21st birthday present . If that sounds suitable, then you might like the Dress Jewellery Stand for her larger treasures. This is a gorgeously elegant jewellery stand on which you can organise and boast your loveliest of jewels! Or perhaps after the 21st birthday party she needs something pretty to frame-up her 21st birthday photos. Well if that's the case, then we have in stock a beautiful Tree Photo Frame that would make the perfect 21st birthday gift . This lovely ornament contains five display areas from which you can display your favourite photos, and it is available in both black and white to suit any decor. You can be sure that with this 21st birthday gift , you will make one extremely happy lady!

For the boys home, the Yard of Ale Glass with Wooden Stand would make a great 21st birthday gift ! It's probably the only ornament a lad will tolerate! It makes a quirky new home accessory and is certainly a big enough glass for your favourite bevy when it comes to Friday night accompanied with a session of poker! This is also the perfect component for a house party when you're looking for a decent drinking game! This will separate the real men from the wimps. After all, with it holding an entire yard of your chosen drink it takes a professional to be able to down this in one! Be the first to get this as a 21st birthday present whilst stock lasts! Whilst poker's on the mind, the Poker Caddy would be the perfect 21st birthday present for any lad! This poker set is a smart and stylish acquisition that says you take your cards seriously and it is also a functional and practical addition to your games table. So you can look like a professional in your very home! Or can we tempt you with something slightly more sophisticated yet quirky, like our Backwards Clock for their new digs! So much better than an ordinary clock! This crazy gadget would make a great edition to any home - time with a twist! Whatever you choose from our fabulous department of 21st birthday gift ideas it'll be the perfect way to say happy 21st birthday!

Festivals Essentials – breaking news!

Festival Weather

Will it rain or shine? Will you get sun burn or trench foot? Or perhaps both on the same day this festival season 2012! These are always the big questions when you're slinging stuff into your backpack, do you take shorts and tea dresses? Or do you pack your warmest woolly jumper?

Well, check out our Festival Essentials range to be prepared for any weather that comes your way! This year there is one thing you can be sure of if the elements choose to be unkind and that is staying dry, just remember to purchase and pack a Retro Arcade Poncho . It packs down to take up no room at all and is easily slipped over whatever you are wearing - a must-have festival essential! The sleeve slits are styled so your arms slip in easily with plenty of room so you won't have to restrain your enthusiastic arm waving and clapping to show your appreciation for the music. Now that's the festival clothing you were looking for! And what about your feet, well that's easy, just make sure you stick a pair of Festival Feet shoe covers into your pocket so when the heavens open you are prepared. All you need to do is pop them on over your footwear to keep your feet free from the mud and puddles.

With your Retro Arcade Poncho and Festival Feet you are guaranteed to stay dry and maintain your festival chic! Relaxing After a Night's Boogie in the Dance Tent!

Bag yourself a Festival Essential Beanie Chair for after the days entertainment and relax into the early hours listening to all your favourite bands all over again on your Rock Amp , it is small and light and can really bang out those tunes! If there is a chill in the air you can wrap up warm and cosy from your head to your toes in a Snuggle Fleece with a humungous cuppa cocoa, and yes, it has to be in a Size Matters Mug quite simply because it really does matter. If you can stay awake long enough you can have some fun with a giant game of snap, rummy or poker - a Festival Essential for a wind-down! It's a real challenge to keep your cards close to your chest with these A4 Playing Cards so you will need to make sure you use your best poker face. And don't lose your phone in a tent full of empty beer cans and wet clothes! Hang Bondi up in the tent (your flexible friend), and he'll keep it handy so you can call the unfortunates back home that didn't get a ticket to let them know what they're missing, not that you want to gloat of course!

Play Time at the Festival

When your ears need a rest slip into your ring-leader role and gather your mates together on the Voice Blaster Megaphone for a bit of campsite entertainment. You won't lose your pals with this Festival Essential ! Test who has the best coordination skills and can keep the Juggling Balls in the air the longest. Can anyone juggle more than one set of balls? Has anyone got more brightly coloured balls than you? And it you tire of juggling, the more energetic in the party can get into teams and race around the tents on the Airplay Hopper , set up a circuit and have time trials. With our Festival Essentials collection, you won't be caught out with the wrong festival clothing and festival wear! We have stocked everything you need for the perfect festival experience!

Our brand new range of 30th Birthday Presents!

It's not always easy to think of fun and unique 30th Birthday Gifts and 30th Birthday Ideas , but here at The Discovery Store we've made it simple by offering a wide variety of exciting 30th Birthday Gift Ideas for you to choose from! We provide a range of must-haves for that special someone turning 30! The Discovery Store's feel-good vibe ensures that any  30th Birthday Presents  you pick from our collection comes with a 30th Birthday smile guarantee! (Lol! But seriously...) We encourage our customers to forget about the grey hairs and looming Zimmer frames and prolong your twenties as long as possible, and with our 30th Birthday Presents range you can do just that!

We provide the perfect ingredients for a fun-filled 30th Birthday celebration! You
might try the topsy-turvy Invert-A-Beer and the Rock Amp to kick-start the party pronto! And what's a party without some drinking games? Not a party at all we say! The solution - Battleshots ! This brings together the game of Battleships but, wait for it... the ships are replaced with shots! Don't let your opponent guess the right grid reference or it won't be the ships that are put to bed! You also need the Vodka Jelly Mould in your life. This party perk allows all (over 18's of course) to enjoy a funky-flavoured combination of vodka and your favourite tasting jelly! What could go wrong we ask? Well, with over a 400ml bottle capacity - everything! Because whatever you do when hitting 30, make sure the drinks are in their plenty!
Stop! No, don't stop there...

Let's be sure to bring out the child in him or her and provide 30th Birthday Gifts that will last beyond the wild 30th Birthday celebration! Fear not, we have 30th Birthday Gift Ideas for this too! Take a look at our RC Stunt Monster Car for that special someone to perfect their stunt skills and embrace their daring side with 360s, spins, flips and any other angle you can think of, because trust me, they're never too old! The Tyre Timepiece Clock may also be of interest for those car-lovers out there. Stay fast and furious in your thirties with this pleasingly practical 30th Birthday Idea

Don't hesitate! Browse our collection of 30th Birthday Presents now!

Bondi Phone Holder

Bondi Phone Holder Now Available!

Bondi is a smart little character that can be curved into various poses so you can endless value from his versatility; you simply use his hook shaped head to hang him near you and bend his arms and legs to suit your purpose.

As a new release onto the UK market he is destined to follow his stateside success and be a best seller here too, a must have for all gadget crazy geeks. Bondi is about the size of your hand and acts as just that, a third hand for those occasions where two just won't get the job done. A slim neat little gadget available in a range of no less than 10 great colours from executive looking smart black, to a gorgeous shade of pink making a great gift for her, the trend setting gadget girl. Bondi measures 20 x 7 x 2.5 cm approx and the high quality silicone he is made of has excellent gripping qualities whilst the flexibility of his head, arms and legs means he can be moulded to suit a multitude of purposes.

Bondi can hold all sorts of things around the home or office such as bunches of cables and he makes a really funky curtain tie back. He will keep your page in a book or act as a bookstand while you drink your coffee or grab a sandwich. He will hang around in the hallway holding your jacket or keeping safe those bunches of keys so you will never be late again having to search for the car keys; he will even hold the door open for you!

Our favourite use for this handy little fella is as a mobile phone accessory! Young or old we all have them, a mobile phone today is like an extension of our body, we never go anywhere without it. Bondi is the ultimate in stylish phone holders and can flex to fit practically all cell phones, regardless of brand! How many times a day do you have to search for your mobile when you hear your chosen ring tone? Using Bondi you need never lose your mobile phone again whatever you are doing, you simply use his hook head to hang him from your computer screen, your jeans, your buggy or stroller, your exercise machine or in your kitchen, wherever you are Bondi can be hanging around too.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your new, versatile, colourful Bondi now!

How Many Uses Does Bondi Have?

  • Hang it to charge your phone
  • Hang it in your car while driving
  • Hang it any where to listen to your music
  • Hang it on your screen, for multiple use
  • Hang it on your jeans
  • Bondi is a door stopper
  • Bondi is a cables organizer
  • Holds memos, pictures, letter size paper
  • Note pad included with your Bondi
  • Mounts on the table for easy viewing
  • Book mount and book mark
  • Bondi is a keys holder

A Comprehensive Guide to Remote Control Helicopters

There are plenty of people in the world who fly RC Helicopters regularly. Remote Control Helicopters constitute a major hobby for some people. But for those of us who are new to this awesome hobby and for people who want to buy remote controlled helicopters as Christmas gifts for family & friends, they may need a little help. So being the helpful souls that we are, we've put together the most comprehensive guide to choosing the right RC Heli ! This most excellent RC Helicopter guide is brand new and exclusive to The Discovery Store because we love radio control helicopters more than anyone else!

So, we've got 3 brand new remote control helicopters to add to our remote control range: the RC Helicopter - Air Discovery , RC Helicopter - Air Aviator & RC Helicopter - Air Cheetah . What is so special, unique and downright technically advanced about these new RC helicopters is that they are made of super strong, durable and light weight metal: a fantastic development on previous Remote Control helicopter materials. But that is not all. These 3 RC helicopters also have built in gyros. Why would remote control helicopters need a gyro I ask you? Well a remote control helicopter with a gyro is a seriously improved remote control machine. Well, the Gyro gives your RC Heli increased stability and control, to help you avoid those nasty accidents.

For an older child, we recommend a middle range, 3 channel RC helicopter with a difficulty rating of 3/5, such as the RC Helicopter - Air Tiger . Of the metal helicopters, the RC helicopter - Air Cheetah is the easiest to fly. Once you've mastered flying an RC helicopter within your range and ability, you'll feel confident to advance your remote control helicopter flying skills to an upgraded model.

Well I hope I've been helpful, but that's enough of me yabbering on. Take a peek at our comprehensive guide to remote control helicopters, which you can find on any of the helicopters product pages, and if you have any further questions, don't hesitate to email The Discovery Store and our remote controlled helicopter expert will get back to you as soon as possible.

Happy Flying!

The Furry Friends Collection

The Discovery Store presents our Furry Friends collection of battery operated pets. If you're looking for a walking toy dog or walking toy cat we've got a great selection for you to chose from, there's Sandy, the Labrador puppy with her smooth golden coat and trusting eyes, or Jess, the sweet and cuddly, black and white kitten to name just two.

Harry, the hamster in a ball has travelled through many lands, o'er hill and dale, through desert and jungle, a veritable fugitive running forth in his Ballmobile... he's even had a spot on The Gadget Show! Harry's buddies Roland the hamster in a wheel, and Fergus the tumbling ferret weasel ball are still jealous about that!

Even the cat in a bag manages to take time out from playing in his bag to tease them about not making an appearance on the show like Harry did, we won't tell them Harry was torn to pieces by an army of robot warriors, ouch!

We hope you enjoy reading about our walking toy dogs and the rest of our Furry Friends crew. Happy reading, and don't forget to watch their videos too.

Me Time from The Discovery Store

Summer is over, the pressure is off and now it's all about... You!

The Discovery Store presents to you ' Me Time ', a wide ranging selection of Home Spa and Treatment Products. Featuring well being massage tools such as Hot Stones Massage Rocks , Fleece Blankets and the Snuggle Hugs Gang (Duck, Monkey, Dog and Frog).

As the Autumnal weather gets in to full flow, settle down with a glass of wine in one of our Black Wine Glasses , while listening to soothing whale song music and watching a set of our Rose Floating Bath Lights bob around gently to the rhythm of peace and tranquility.

When it starts to turn a little nippy, just reach for the Snuggle Fleece and fluff up a Snuggle Beanie Cushion , lie back and relax!

Don't regret the end of the Summer madness, rejoice in the Autumnal glow of ' Me Time ' and don't forget to buy the whole set of Warm Products for full effect. The Warm Scarf , Slippers , Hands , Boots and Eye Mask are all available online or in-store and the Lavender and Wheat fillings will be sure to relax and de-stress you before the dreaded Christmas rush begins again, for another year.

' Me Time ' a promotion from The Discovery Store and a gift for you!

DON'T FORGET! Just enter this code to receive 10% OFF any purchases online until the 3rd October. 'NICENEASY'

Festival Season 2011

The coming of June can mean only one thing – it's officially the start of Festival Season!

Time to throw off the shackles of the working week, for 2 or 3 days at least, and lose yourself, in a farmers field somewhere, caked in mud, waving a flag, wearing a silly hat and homemade cow-print dungarees, straining to hear the band that's on a stage 500 metres away and look like little Subbuteo men with tiny guitars. The amount of festivals being promoted and staged in the UK has gone bananas in the last decade, but one and one alone still rules almighty over the spate of young pretenders to its throne. 


It's 41 years since Worthy Farm, between the villages of Pilton and Pylle, hosted the first festival, welcoming in just 1,500 long haired music lovers, enticed by the prospect of a headline performance by Marc Bolans Tyrannosaurus Rex, in addition to as much fresh milk as they could drink – all for just £1! Nowadays the Festival is home to 0ver 170, 000 festy goers, from all corners of the world, with tickets costing considerably more than £1, and 100′s of acts playing across the many stages over the course of 5 days. This year, the first shows are staged on the evening of Wednesday 22nd June, building up during Thursday to performances from U2, for the first time ever at the festival, on Friday, Coldplay on Saturday with the lights finally being brought down on Sunday 26th June by uber-diva Beyonce Knowles. If you're making your way to Somerset this year to experience the festival, there are a certain few things that you absolutely don't want to be left without. 

Allow us to present to you, 5 items that will see you right this summer, no matter what happens! 

Multi Tool Keychain

The Keyring with more hidden secrets than a crooked politician! 

The Multi Tool has helped many a camper/festival goer out a tight spot since we put it on sale. With both Phillips head and flat head screw drivers, a knife, a bottle opener, an awl and an LED light under the bonnet, the Multi Tool gives you a fighting chance in any survival situation…well…..at the very least if your tent needs a midnight repair or you need to perform some emergency surgery on your acoustic guitar, the Multi Tool might just save your bacon. 

Beer Drinking Hat 

Granted, you will look like a plonker wearing this but forget appearances, this is Glastonbury, everybody's at it. You probably look sensible. Instead rejoice in the fact that you're the envy of all who stand about you, as you guzzle the gas while retaining the freedom of both hands for the obligatory ‘clapping above the head' action that has become law at loud concerts.

LED Book Light

Tents have certainly evolved down the years, but as yet no-one's managed to build one with lightbulb built in.Midnight reading aside (yeah, we're sure you'll get through tons of reading at Glastonbury), the LED booklight comes in handy for all sorts inside a dark tent. We'll let you decide how best to employ it…. Yes, yes, yes, we know what you're thinking – but anyone who remembers the tides of rain and 3 foot deep mud of Glasto '97 will know just how unpredictable the weather can be during Festival season. You might feel like a wally buying a hand warmer on the eve of summer, but rest assured, you can be smug AND snug if the going gets chilly. 

Take our advice and don't get caught out at the Festivals this year. You know us, we'd hate to have to say we told you so! 

Enjoy yourselves and stay safe.

Fathers Day Gifts & Fathers Day Presents from The Discovery Store

Dads everywhere display certain traits, unique traits that could only belong to a Father. They don't all posses the same traits, but traits none the less they all have, and here at The Discovery Store we aim to offer a Fathers Day Gift selection that caters for all, or at least a whole lot of, Dads everywhere.

If you're stuck for Fathers Day Ideas this year then some of our top picks include:

Rock Amp iPhone Speaker & MP3 Speaker for all those rocking music dads.
Counting Coin Jar for the Dad whose always telling you to save!
Sock Exchange Oddsocks ... well lets face it, they never manage to keep them in pairs anyway.
RC Helicopter Syma S111G if he fancies himself a pilot.

And these are just few of the Fathers Day Presents you can spoil your dad with this year, a reward shall we say, for all his hard work over the last 12 months. A thank you for all those sensible ‘rules' he's reminded us of like ‘My house, my rules' and 'I'm not made of money' as well as 'When you buy your own telly, you can choose what to watch' and the unforgettable 'You're not going out dressed like THAT'... well maybe thank you is the wrong word but we're sure he deserves it for something.

Next Day Delivery on Fathers Day Gift Ideas

Don't forget we can offer Next Day delivery on all your Fathers Day Gifts when you order before 3pm, all you have to do is select the Next Day delivery option when you check out.

So in honour of Dads everywhere make your Fathers Day Present one to remember this year and spoil him rotten on the big day. Enjoy!

Our New Social Media

The Discovery Store now has a brand new Social Media setup!
For the latest special offers, newest gadgets and best homeware why not follow us on:
Facebook and Twitter  or you can even check out our Blog (it's a work of art...no really!)

The Discovery Store features on GiftwarePro

Less than four days since The Discovery Store established a new Web Marketing Team and already we have a small article published on Giftware Pro ( www.giftwarepro.com ).

The new team comprises Lawrence Walker, Ben Chapman, Daniel Harker, Nik Willows and Jonathan Perkins and offers a wide variety of experience and creativity in the area of Web Marketing, Social Media and Search Engine Optimisation.

The new team hope to publish more media coverage and stories here soon. Don't forget to check out our blog though ( thediscoverystoreblog.wordpress.com )

Love BB, Love Paintballing, Never Grow Up

Paintballing is new, it's energetic & it's immense. To make sure that you are fully equipped with all the latest products for BB & Paintballing, we've put together an excellent new range of BB guns, BB pellets, paintball guns and paintball pellets for your perusal.

At The Discovery Store we've got an awesome selection of classic and modern Airsoft BB and Paintball guns. We have the BB rifle, the BB paintball gun (available in red & blue) and the BB pellets & BB paintballs refills are available at great prices. There's also a BB target game complete with BB guns and BB pellets and a portable BB target & BB pellet trap. These target games give an excellent focus to BB fun.

Choose from The Discovery Store's BB paintball guns or the Patriot Paintball guns. Both have superb firing ranges and are durable paintball guns. Also in the Patriot range, there's the Patriot Powerblaster . It's an awesome gun for the younger BB gun fanatic because it shoots foam balls or water.

Speaking of water, check out the wicked water guns and water pistols available. As well as the versatile Patriot Powerblaster , there's the awesome AK47 water gun & the new and powerful Saturator Sig water pistol. These innovative automatic water guns have blasted water pistols into the 21st Century.

How can there be more? Because The Discovery Store couldn't resist but to offer you an old-school selection of toy guns and weaponry, including a sling shot (or catapult), an elastic band gun, a foam disc shooter gun and the incredible Patriot Supasukka Crossbow ! Get back to the old-school with these brilliant toy guns, sling shots and crossbows.

Love BB, love paintballing, love Airsoft, Never Grow up!